Monday, 25 May 2009

A week into the new era

Due to an impending visit of Nick's, and a mass of events of all sorts related to this visit, I figure I won't have much time to write in the next week or two so this is a passing, I've been driving myself around for a week now, and can I just say IT FEELS AMAZING! Yes, the first half of the week I was pretty terrified, and gripped the wheel almost to the point of painfulness; and I still get terribly lost, and frustrated when I do (though increasingly less so); and I stress about people behind me, and irritating them, and getting honked at.

But makes me so happy! Especially when there is noone behind me, and something soothing is playing on the radio, and I end up driving around the countryside semi-randomly, in the sunshine - dare I say it, it's rather enjoyable. And I hadn't realised quite how much not being independent depressed me. Now I sleep better, wake up not feeling like a zombie, do not have to spend half my working day trying to stay awake, and most importantly I am the one in charge of my work hours - I don't have to arrange everything so as to have to leave at a certain time, I can go with the flow, stay as late as I like - and this means I'm more relaxed, and I work better.

AND I was able to go to the Amish market (very cool), and do things with Sarah after work without making anyone go out of their way to take me home, and I went to a proper supermarket yesterday (though I got very overwhelmed by the bigness of it all, and it's hard to shake off years and years of 'buy just what you need', so I didn't quite stock up on stuff as I might have done), and to buy shoes, and to TK Maxx, and all without being really beholden to anyone. I know I keep saying it, but it's really a strange, good feeling - like now I feel more unconstrained, more myself, I can't quite explain it. But it's A Good Thing.

I probably wouldn't be quite so exultant if I lived in a big city, or a place with proper public transport, but since I don' finish on a topical note, here is the link to photos of the Memorial Day Parade that was held on Saturday.

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