Sunday, 20 September 2009

Shame-faced update

Uhm, ok, so, when was the last time I wrote? Quite a while ago it seems....sorry. It's not that things haven't been busy or interesting - just not all of it is appropriate blog material. I had a nice Labor Day weekend, where among other things I went to my friend-through-GirlScouts Karen's house for a bbq. I seem to have been ending up at her house a lot recently, I like her and her family very much and it's kinda nice to be absorbed into a 'real' family, even if it is so different from my own, what with having 3 small children and all.

Then Nick got here two weeks ago, which is great, of course - we seem to have found a satisfactory arrangement for things like desk space, drawers, etc so that is a relief :-)

At the end of his rather hectic first week here, we drove down to Cape May, basically the southernmost tip of NJ, for the wedding of an ex-housemate of mine. Cape May is very pretty, if slightly twee - I'm not sure one could stay there for more than 3 days without being overcome by violent feelings towards flowered wallpaper and the Ye Olde Seaside Towne 'vibe' - and the wedding was so so lovely and happy and generally wonderful to be a part of, despite the somewhat heavy influx of London lawyer types there.

The past week has been busy with Girl Scout stuff; I am now trained to have the girls sell nuts and magazines (though, thankfully, not 'Nuts' magazine), as well as being certified in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and First Aid and defibrillator use. It was a little tiring to sit through 3 hours of the latter for two nights after work, and getting home closer to 10 than 9, but it is useful to have these skills I suppose (as well as being required!) and it is interesting in a way to chat more to the various Girl Scout leaders/moms, and get to know them better.

Also we have been revelling in the joys of NJ farms, picking blackberries and apples and enjoying one of the farms' 'Apple Days' today which, though admittedly would have been most exciting for children, wasn't so bad for us either - apple picking, a corn maze, farm animals to coo over, roast pork sandwiches, wagons, pumpkin patches...I think the farms around here, and the great ways they find to let you interact with them, are one of my favouritest thing of NJ.

That, and going to the shore to play extremely violent videogames :-)

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