Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New York Times II

Needless to say, my cousin's wedding was spectacular and perfect in every detail - the only thing that one could have complained about was not in her control, and that was the weather: it rained a lot, all day. After a hectic morning on a wild goose chase for a suitable pashmina for my outfit (I know one ought to avoid them if at all possible, but I am now realising that they are actually rather useful objects...), which culminated in three very sodden people trying to feel better by eating hot soup in a hotel room, we regained our composure(s) to put on our finery and head over to the church. Not that this was straightforward: it involved us getting to my uncle's flat (in the rain), gathering a host of relations from various corners of the city, making sure everyone had shelter from the rain, realising at almost-the-last-minute that I had left my 3inch heels (yes, I'm crazy, I know) at the hotel (thanks Nick...), trying to discover if anyone had the keys to the flat...eventually we piled into a sort of limo/SUV hybrid and made our way downtown, after some discussion with the driver as to where exactly we were going.

The reception was lovely, the food was really good, the speeches absolutely tear jerking, the dancing fun (if perhaps not quite as plentiful as I would have expected), the drinking more than satisfactory: in short, it was all good, and we went back in limo again, too.
[more details available upon request!]

The next day was one of debriefing and hangovers - it was nice to spend a bit more time with the family in now more relaxed mode, with this huge thing that had been sucking up their energy finally out of the way. We'd only been in the city three days, but we certainly felt all our energies were drained! Sadly I don't have any photos to show - both the church and the venue were rather dark so I didn't take any pictures, I'm waiting for some nice ones to turn up somewhere!

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