Monday, 29 June 2009

Thalassa, thalassa

And to think that the answer to my problems was there all along, just 40 miles away: on Friday after work Chris and I drove to the famed (infamous?) Jersey shore, as I had been craving beach and sea and sunbathing since, I don't know, April or something. And as I was lying there in the sun (pretty hot despite it being gone 5pm!), listening to the impressive Atlantic waves, it all just....came together. I was happy, I was caaaalm, relaxed, blissed out - all the stress of the past week, and even more of the past few months went 'puff' and disappeared somehow, or at least, it didn't matter any more. Maybe I should have thought of going there earlier in the year? It was a great feeling, and I want to try and hang on to it for as long as possible.

[A more diaristic post will follow shortly.]


Fuffa said...

so THIS "testing the waters" went better than the Ann Arbor one:)
Did you also swim?

Ra said...

Yes, it did! No, I didn't swim - turns out the Atlantic is a lot colder than the Gulf of Naples....